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Book Review: Parent’s Who Don’t Do Dishes

Please go wash your hands!
Put your clothes in the hamper!
Lower the volume of the TV!
Go to sleep, NOW!

Any of these directions sound familiar? I spend my day giving directions and getting perturbed when she doesn’t follow them. That’s changing now. I’m no longer giving directions. At least trying not to!

Stories of Parenting

Effective Parenting

Last weekend I snuggled on the couch with a glass of wine, Richard Melnick’s book Parents Who Don’t Do Dishes and the determination to learn anything and everything about becoming a smarter mama!
Melnick’s book, a mere 100 pages, is written in a casual voice, making it an easy read, especially for a tired mama. Each chapter is filled with brief stories about his own, now teenage boys, and other children in his circle of friends and family. The stories seem real and very much relatable to common challenges parents face with children. He offers solutions that are simple and effective. Chapter titles alone will hook you. Some of my favorite titles are Your Brother Thinks Your a Douche and Shut the Fuck Up. Got you interested, right?

Little Miss Independent

His chapter Independence, focuses on the importance of positive reinforcement (using praise) whenever possible. Children want to hear that they did a good job getting dressed on their own, not the immediate reminder that their shoes are own backwards or shirt is untucked. As the child becomes more independent he/she is going to feel the ability to other tasks without being asked to…love that!

Conscious Language

The chapter, Conscious Language, spoke to me. Melnick explains, “…the most effective language with your kids is sincerely affirmative, “I love it when you do the dishes. It makes me feel great.” The child learns how his/her actions have an effect, good or bad, on another person. As Smart Mamas we strive to teach our children to do good to on another. Putting the dishes in the sink is an act of kindness not just obedience.

I certainly recommend this book to a Smart Mama looking to broaden her knowledge on effective parenting. I sure am! Follow this Amazon link to purchase Parents Who Don’t Do Dishes ! It retails for just $2.99!


A complimentary copy of the book was provided.



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