Best Of Smarty Pants Mama

Since its launch in 2008, Smarty Pants Mama readers have relied upon my candid advice on products, vacation destinations, recipes, DIY projects and more. Honored by your trust, I want to share with you what seems to be the most popular posts based on traffic and transactions. I’m a numbers girl, so I find this kind of stuff interesting!

Best Of Smarty Pants Mama

Top 5 Posts (Based on Statcounter)

  1. How to Make a Photo Booth for a Barbie Party
  2. How to Turn a Stinky Sponge Into a Clean Sponge
  3. The Easiest London Broil Recipe
  4. Creating a PVC Towel Rack
  5. Easy Motion Sickness Remedies

Is there a post you think should have made it on the list? Let me know you favorite post from Smarty Pants Mama in a comment below. 

Top 5 Products Sold (Based on Amazon affiliates, which I use in the list below)

  1. Wardrobe Moving Box – to make the Barbie Photo Booth
  2. White Paper Bags – to make the DIY Microwave Popcorn
  3. Kids Hot Pink Feather Boa – I guess because of the Barbie Photo Booth 
  4. The Wet Brush – see my Wet Brush Review
  5. 3M Command Strips – see my command strips review

What’s your favorite product that I’ve showcased over the years. 

Updated August 18, 2015

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