How to Polish Penny Loafers
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How to Polish Penny Loafers

Problem: How do I polish penny loafers?

Smart Mama Solution: Read my experience and follow the steps I’ve shared.

We saved money this back to school season by polishing last year’s penny loafers. Yes, her foot grew over the summer, and yes, her loafers were pretty beat up after last school year. But this family is on a budget and I knew we had to do what we could to pull out at least a few more months of wear from her penny loafers. Thankfully I’ve learned how to polish penny loafers! (This post is not sponsored – this 100% my own experience and I personally bought the products!)

Polishing Penny Loafers

Many years ago, I think before I even had kids, I bought a KIWI shoe polishing kit – that’s the brand you see most often. My dad always had a box of polishing wax and stuff in his closet. He would polish his shoes and mine, as well. I wanted to be able to do the same for my kids as they enter the penny loafer years!

The KIWI kit contains a variety of tins of polishes in wax, a bristle brush and a polishing cloth. I haven’t seen the kit sold as I have it, but you can certainly buy the components or purchase a similar kit. I have added to the kit with the Classic Instant Polish in brown, black and white. 

Kiwi Shoe Polishing KitPolishing Penny Loafers

Step 1: Dusted

I used the bristle brush to dust off the penny loafers. Polishing Penny Loafers

Step 2: Polished & Waited

Used the Classic Instant Wax Polish in brown to go all over the shoes, paying particular attention to the scuffed up areas. Allowed the loafers to dry for 30 minutes. 

Polishing Penny Loafers

Step 3: Polished & Waited, Again

With the cloth, I rubbed in the Dark Tan Wax-Rich Polish. Allowed the wax to set for 5 minutes.Polishing Penny Loafers

Step 4: Shined:

I used the cloth the shine.

Polishing Penny LoafersJumped for joy with how well they looked! 

Now it’s your turn! Grab those school shoes from last year that still have some more steps left in them. Purchase some shoe polishing tools. Polish the shoes to make them as good as almost new! You’ll save money and teach your kids a bit about taking care of their things. I learned from my dad and I hope my kids learn from me!

Get a Shoe Shining Kit

Click HERE to purchase the KIWI Shoe Shining Kit

I have included affiliate links to purchase the shoe polishing tools from Amazon. Polishing Penny Loafers

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  1. What a great way to save some Back to School cash! Unfortunately, we wear our sneakers until they have no soles…
    But a great way to make my shoes for work last longer!

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