Smart Product: A Store that has Mom’s in Mind

I love Publix, or any other store that thinks of moms with their kids!

Publix has kids (& moms) in mind.  They know kids (& sometimes moms) aren’t so thrilled to be there.  They want their customers to have a pleasant experience. They want them to complete their shopping list and most importantly want to come back.  How can they achieve this?  Easy, keep the kids happy!  Make the kids WANT to come!

Suggesting to my wee one that we need to head to Publix often comes with the response of, “Ok!” in a very enthusiastic tone.  She loves going.  We head to the bakery within the first 10 minutes to get her cookie.  Publix offers kids of all ages, FREE cookies in their bakery.  Typically sugar or chocolate chips are available. Sugar is my choice, keeping the chocolate sticky fingers away while we shop.

Our stroll into produce is often welcomed by a Publix employee available to inflate a helium store balloon for her.  How does it get much better than this?  A cookie and a balloon, and this is supposed to be a chore to head to the grocery store.

Our checkout is the icing on the cake.  Not only am I typically greeted by an ultra-pleasant cashier and bagger, most recently the bagger who was joking around with my daughter, ran over to a coupon carousel and got her a coloring book and crayons that are available, yes for FREE, to customers.  Come on, this is awesome!

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  1. Allison Shell 20 May, 2010 at 22:39 Reply

    So true…my three-year-old doesn't even call it Publix, she screams “The Cookie Club!” when she sees a Publix. If we have a shopping trip planned, I tell her we're going to “the Cookie Club”.

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