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 What a great honor! This weekend was selected as the Today’s Most Loved Site at!  Woo Hoo! SiteJabber is a site that I am certain many moms already use.  If you haven’t yet, you must!  It is “a consumer protection service which helps people avoid fraudulent websites and find good ones.”  Essentially, it is a superb online tool to get consumer advice from other moms and dad on all sorts of webpages.

I have used SiteJabber in the past to learn what websites are valuable to other consumers, in hopes of finding a site that would similarly be helpful to me as a mom. Thus far, I have found tons of sites for my daughter and a number of great recipe sites for me!  There are thousands of sites already reviewed, with many more waiting to get their 1st review.  Do you have a favorite site that you want everyone to know about?  Or, maybe a site that you wouldn’t recommend to anyone?  I’m sure you do!

After you join (FREE) SiteJabber you may review any legitimate website. Reviews can be positive or negative, and obviously are intended to be 100% accurate and honest.  Keeping this in mind, it is important to remember as a review reader each website review can be made by ANYONE.  That means that the owner of the website or his/her associates could be posting a very positive review about their own site for their own benefit.  With this in mind, I discern which reviews are more than likely to be honest, by looking for reviews made by consumers with an authority level of at least 2.  The user’s SiteJabber authority level (0-21+), “represents the amount of trust a SiteJabber reviewer has earned within the community. Levels are earned by making contributions to the community that are found helpful by other community members.”  Therefore when I see a reviewer with an authority level of 10, I’ll consider it to be more than likely honest, over one that it is 0.  Again, you should always be cautious.

One aspect I certainly love, regardless who is making the review, is the number of scam websites that are highlighted on the SiteJabber.  So many unfortunate people have fallen victim to a site selling them products or services that never came to fruition.  I’ve read reviews where consumers were billed incorrectly, and had a difficult time disputing charges because the online business was a complete scam.

I encourage you to check out SiteJabber.  Check to see if your favorite website is reviewed!  How about your own site?  Maybe there is a fantastic review of your site out there waiting of for you to read! Let me know if you find anything interesting!  I also hope you get a chance to take look at my reviews SiteJabber for SmartyPantsMama, or others, to be sure you are a Smart Mama.


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