Flower Power, the Power of Flowers!

Aren’t they beautiful?  I just love yellow snapdragons! They aren’t necessarily my absolute favorite flower, but the sure look pretty!   I bought them yesterday for my little one. Reason being…just because.  When I picked her up from ballet, I told her I had a special treat for her in the car. Of course, she immediately started asking me if it was a cookie, candy or the like.  Nope.  I wouldn’t tell her.  She needed to wait. She ran to the car and the priceless smile that came on her face when I handed her the bouquet made my day.  She loved it. She had received flowers before for her ballet recital and her birthday, but never just because.    We quickly put them in water and set them as the centerpiece of the table when we got home.  I love the way she looks at them.  I love that smile.

Do you like flowers?  Why do I even ask that?  Doesn’t everyone like flowers?  Or should I say LOVE flowers?  This week I had a moment to attend the The Society of American Florists Twitter Party #FlowerFactor, hosted by Jeanne Benedict, Kelli Ellis and Christine Arylo. The “party” held by live webcast and twitter, gave me some great ideas, and certainly inspiration to have  flowers incorporated in my life.

First off, I need to stop waiting for my husband to buy them for me.  He’s great; don’t get me wrong, he buys me flowers beyond the standard anniversary and valentine’s day.  However, Kelli Ellis reminded the partiers that there is certainly nothing wrong with picking up a bouquet for yourself.  You buy other decorative items for your home, so a flower decoration is certainly permissible.

Jeanne Benedict shared that yellow is the new color, especially with flowers.  She anticipates seeing yellow in everything from wedding bouquets to Thanksgiving centerpieces. The Indian summer color palette will dominate many floral arrangements.  Can you now see my enthusiasm to purchase the YELLOW flowers this morning?  Ha Ha!

The color purple was also mentioned, not for weddings but for men.  Purple is a regal color, a color of kings.  All three ladies agreed that men would appreciate a purple themed bouquet for this reason.  What man doesn’t want to feel like a king?  Not sure about that.

 By the way I just asked my husband what he would think if I gave him flowers.  He said he thought it would be weird because he’s not a “flower person.”  What’s up with that?  I’m still planning on a purple bouquet for him on Father’s Day 😉

I’ve put together some good flower resources that were mentioned, and others that I personally like (where my husband ordered my 1st bouquet after 2 weeks of dating and had delivered to my job! Will never forget!)

So, are you a “flower person?” Do you enjoy receiving and giving bouquets?  Do you have favorite flower? Share. Share. Share.

Did you know that there is actual university research to support the positive effect emotionally and behaviorally with having flowers in your work environment?  Apparently flowers trigger happy emotions, according to a Rutgers study. Not surprised.  So next time you’re having a crummy day at work, go buy yourself a dozen roses and set them on your desk!

Here’s some additional information on the various research studies.  It’s pretty interesting!



  1. Sarah-Overthinking Mama 29 April, 2010 at 11:15 Reply

    I love getting and giving flowers. My fav. flower is lilac.. tho I am not sure if you can buy at the local florist.. but its fine, my mom has a big lilac tree in front of her house. My mom used to every saturday buy herself a bouquet of flowers.. just because she felt she deserved something special at the end of the week. I grew up with a bouquet of flowers always sitting on our coffee table… hhmm maybe i need to go and buy her a bouquet.. just because!

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