Healthy Snack Food for Kids
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Healthy Snack Food for Kids

It’s funny, no matter the time a day or the fact that they ate a meal an hour ago – kids are always hungry! It’s so easy to say, “Fine, go get something from the fridge,” while truly not even paying attention to what they’re eating. I’ve realized through lots of trial and error, that I need to be more hands-on and vigilant with what the kids are eating. If not, there isn’t such a great chance that they will select a healthy snack food. 

Introduce your kids to a healthy snack food that you or they prepare not just open out of a box or bag. The Ants on a Leaf that I’ll explain below is easily made by the kids, but I do like to make it for them, too! They also love our homemade kale chips.

Healthy Snack Food for Kids

Ants on a LeafHealthy Snack Food for Kids

A take on the Ants on a Log, celery with peanut butter and raisins but we switch it up a bit. We place the ants on a “leaf” instead of a log. My daughters love apples. However, one of the two doesn’t like to eat them plain. Also, she will not eat them whole. Instead, she prefers for it to be sliced. Stubborn children!

Our leaves are apple slices. I use one of very favorite kitchen tools, my apple slicer. This slicer quickly cuts the apple into perfectly sized slices. 

Next, I gently spread peanut butter atop each slice. I have found that the whipped peanut butter is far easier to spread.

Finally, I sprinkle raisins on each “leaf.” The girls devour this healthy snack food quickly. The protein from the peanut butter helps fill them up. I love that they are eating a very healthy snack that is not only satisfying for tastes good, too!

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Share Your Healthy Snack Food

Is there a healthy snack food that your kids love? If so, I would love to include it in a follow up post. Please leave a comment with the recipe and/or a link to where I can find more information. 

Healthy Snack Food for Kids

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