Crock Country Correspondents Hit NYC

Veggie PizzaThe Crock Country Chronicles (say that 3xs fast) is getting “smarter” with its newest correspondent, Smarty Pants Mama! Yes, Crock Country Chronicles, Country Crock’s online newspaper will get a dose of my ideas each month! The newspaper is full of creativity, recipes and more to make meal time – especially veggie eating time – a more positive, successful experience in your home. I will regularly post articles on the chronicle and here about veggie eating successes in my home. I look forward to you sharing your experiences, too!

Earlier this month I joined three other fantastic moms, Laura of, Toni of and Anne of in New York City for a Very Veggie World event by Country Crock. The few days were filled with loads of great conversation and delicious dining experiences. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Geoffrey Zakarian’s world-renowned restaurant The National at the Benjamin Hotel. The “Ugly Burger” was engulfed by each of us since Anne had received a personal recommendation for Mr. Zakarian to try it out! It was not only “ugly” is was delicious!

Country Crock Breakfast

The following day we dined once more at The National for brunch. Our breakfast platters were fantastic and we certainly weren’t hesitant to spread Country Crock on the delicious breads that accompanied our dishes.

We headed to the infamous Chelsea Market next. This was my 1st time at the market and I fell in love. We walked through shops like Eleni’s, The Lobster Place, and Buon Italia where I bought my husband a hot salami – a foot long Italian soppresatta!Chelsea Market

Soon after we arrived at the gorgeous setting for the event. Other media, and even a few kids (made me miss my own) we there, too. Mingling around we were impressed with beautiful, adorable and super tasty veggie dishes. We sampled all.The Hippo Dip was my favorite. Or was it the Cabbage Leaf Presents? Everything was just perfect!

Soon enough we washed up, put on our aprons, and began to learn from the clever chef Clare Crespo. Her enthusiasm about cooking and children was impressive. We were so excited to get cooking! Our first dish was a pizza, a veggie pizza of course! The pizza was quite patriotic with a American flag design made of spinach sautéed in Country Crock, peppers, tomatoes and mozzarella cut into stars. It was delicious!

Mozzarella Starr

The eggplant wagon was next. How clever to serve veggies in a veggie “wagon!” An assortment of diced vegetables were cooked with Country Crock, mixed with tomato sauce and a bit of basil. We poured the mixture into the hallowed out eggplant, that had zucchini “wheels” attached with toothpicks. This veggie dish was one of my favorites. It’s the 1st one I made when I returned home.

Veggie Wagon

The Very Veggie World event was a hit. We had a blast putting together Clare Crespo’s whimsical creations. We left excited to share them with our families and you, too! Do you have any unique veggie creations that get the kids excited to eat? Please share your recipe with us!Crock Country Chronicles Correspondents

Be sure to download Clare Crespo’s free cookbook to learn the easy steps to the fantastic hippo dip, the flag pizza and more!

I look forward to share more veggie ideas over these next months.

Disclosure: This post has been written in conjunction with my partnership with Country Crock. All opinions, and taste buds, are my own.



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6 thoughts on “Crock Country Correspondents Hit NYC

  1. Caroline,

    Congrats on your new endeavor. Now I know why you are so busy 🙂 I am so jealous you got to go to NY. I miss my home so much. I have a goal to make it there with my family this year.

    Those dishes look amazing. I wish I were more handy around the kitchen to come up with things like that. KIT


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