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Find the Right Price on EBAY

EBAY SalesIf it’s priced right it will sell. We hear that advice from selling a house, to a car to anything on EBAY.

Determining the right price for selling on EBAY is best done through completed listings in the advanced search. Through the complete listings, you learn the history of items similar to your item. You learn how they were listed, how they sold and much, much more.

Completed listings information is powerful for top EBAY sellers, believe me, it’s what the EBAY Money Makers are using.  Tristan, founder of TheEbayEntrepeneur.com, considers using the completed listing as his #1 selling tool. “Completed listing are a must-have for me. I faithfully use that feature on the EBAY mobile app when shopping for items to sell,” explained Windy, an EBAY Money Maker and blogger at WindyLou.com. The EBAY Parent Panel has recognized the power too! Emily of IsThisReallyMyLife.com shared, “I adore searching completed listings. It not only gives me a great idea as to what I can expect when selling an item but also lets me know how much I can expect to pay!” It’s the consensus. It’s what top, knowledgable sellers are using. You need to use it too!

Completed ListingAccessing the Completed Listings

When searching for a product that you may want to sell, click completed listings on the left side refinement bar or in the advanced search screen. The option is under the Show Only category. The search will immediately run again, yet now only showing items whose auctions have ended.

Green Prices

Scroll through this new list observing the green prices. These are the completed items that sold. Note the prices, the descriptions and images. Were they sold in lots or individually? What made them sellers? If using the EBAY Mobile app, you can easily get right to the “green items” by selecting sold items only in the refinement area.

Red Prices

Learning from red prices may  be even more valuable. Scroll through the list of completed listings and browse those with red prices. These are the items that did not sell. Note the prices, the images and anything else these unsold items have in common. This information will help you learn what not to do.

Completed Listings at Work

How much should I list my Neil Diamond Sweet Caroline record? I’m thinking for under $5 with shipping around $5.

Start Selling & Ask Questions

What do you have on your must sell on EBAY list? Have you tried searching the completed listings on EBAY? I welcome you to contact me here, on Facebook or Twitter if you have any questions about selling on EBAY. I look forward to helping you be a Smart Ebay Seller!

Disclosure: This post has been created in connection with my appointment as an eBay Parent Panel Ambassador.

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