Kerri Walsh an Admirable Mommy-Athlete

 Kerri Walsh began as a child-athlete, continued to become a collegiate-athlete at Stanford and now has taken on the most challenging career of all – a mommy-athlete. As a mother of two kids under 3, she has trained and prepared herself to compete in the most fantastic athletic competition – the Olympics. This summer Kerri will again represent Team USA when she partners with Misty May-Treanor in beach volleyball.

Kerri Walsh Focuses of Motherhood

A two-time gold medal winner, she enters this olympics with a very different body. She now has the body of a mother – although by appearance, not the physical body of most mothers. She shared during a recent phone interview, that she has a new perspective on training since having kids. She believes that becoming a mother has made her a better athlete.

Kerri Walsh Mom Body

She appreciates her body more than ever. She feels stronger. She is more efficient, more intense and balanced. She pays much more attention to taking care of her body through Pilates, icing (joins & muscles) and attempting to get more sleep! Her attitude has something to do with her success as well. Listening to Kerri share her love for her children, her passion for volleyball and commitment to youth sports, I am not surprised to know of her tremendous success.

Kerri Walsh’s Village

She has a strong relationship with her kids and her own mother. She believes that it most certainly takes a village to raise a child. Her mother is the foundation of her village. She is the foundation for her own.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching we stop and think of what we do as mothers and what our mother’s have done for us. Kerri’s mother has played an important role in her success. Getting to practice, encouraging her on the court, even being sure she had the proper equipment, Kerri’s mom is an instrumental part of her success. Kerri has proudly partnered with the P&G Thank You, Mom campaign as they recognize the love, sacrifice and determination of mothers across the globe.

With a tissue in hand, watch this remarkable video of the role of mothers in athletes. It’s beautiful.




  1. Luke 26 April, 2012 at 03:32 Reply

    Kerri Walsh is very admirable. She is still able to pursue her sport while she is raising two toddlers. We all know that both are time-consuming tasks.

    I hope that she wins the gold so that all her efforts and sacrifices will be worth it.

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