A Mother’s Influence
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A Mother’s Influence

Aquaphor MomHow has your mother influenced you? For good or for bad, our mothers have a tremendous impact on our character and our parenting styles. My mother isn’t shy, in the least, to share your opinion on how things should be done. Sometimes she’s right. But not all the time. I often assume she’s wrong but it comes back to bite me, big time, when she’s right.

One of my favorite instances of her persistent “guidance” was during potty training. You may remember how I was part of the Huggies Pull-Ups Potty Project.

Through the several months of potty training my oldest, with video cameras in my face, I endured my mom’s advice on what to do and not to do during potty training. A bit of a nightmare. Her advice was right – well, at least most of it.

Potty training didn’t have to be a big deal. I made it a big deal and shouldn’t have. Next go around, I think I’ll hand my mom the Pull-Ups and let her do the training! 😉

My mother was and continues to be very influential. I’m learning how to sort through her advice and use whatever I can. At the end, I want to be the best (smartest) mom out there and I’m ready to take all the advice & help I can.

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4 thoughts on “A Mother’s Influence

  1. My Mom Has Influenced Me To Be A Confident, Independent, Passionate Person Through Her Strength !

  2. My mom has taught me to be an honest person, hard-working and treat people with respect!

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