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What’s in your playroom? Is it recall time?

So these toy recalls don’t want to stop. It feels like every week we’re hearing about lead paint on a toy that was made in China. I get nervous when I read about these. Does my daughter have one of these toys on her play shelf, at Nana’s or at her cousin’s house?

Rather than waiting for your local news station to have a huge news story on your little one’s favorite train set, I recommend some other options. One option is to subscribe to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSV) listserv to receive timely announcements in your inbox of which toys to toss. You may also want to subscribe to the FDA’s listserv to learn what should be going in the trash from your fridge or pantry! You can access the subscription for both government agencies on recalls at www.Recalls.gov.

Another site I have found very helpful is GeoParent. On this site they have a very easy to read listing on the latest recalls, organized in 4 categories: Children’s Products, Outdoor Products, Household Products and Recreational Products. Clicking on the product description will bring you directly to the CPSV’s official announcement.

Be a smart mama this week and become better informed on dangers that may lie in your playroom or kitchen!

PS – Cheers to toys made in the USA!

One thought on “What’s in your playroom? Is it recall time?

  1. We had a scare about the Pixar Cars toys. We thought our sarge may have lead paint and that our son, who was 5 at the time, and very attached to those cars, would have to give it up, but my husband looked it up, and we had the non-toxic version. Whew! It’s scary. Thanks for the info. Thanks also for checking out my blog. I enjoyed yours as well!

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