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#SmartMamaLUTION #9 – Get Something DONE!!! I did and it rocks!

Get out there and DO IT!  I woke up this morning feeling determined.  I wanted to get something done off my list.  I have stared at a

huge list in my Cozi calendar FOR-E-VER! This to-do list can’t even be called my New Year’s resolution list, but I have renamed it that for the sake of getting some motivation to actually get it done.

There are simple things on the list, like reorganzing the “crap corner” that originally was a nice pile of my older daughter’s school work, or getting to the bank and opening a bank account for the baby.  All things on the list would not take much time at all, yet all the list did in 2011 is grow.  Well, this morning it is no longer growing.

I got 6 things DONE off the list!  You honestly don’t understand how good it feels.  From a trip to the bank, to tackling that corner, to returning baby toys to my cousin…I HAPPILY checked off each item on the list!So, it’s your turn. Get going today, or tomorrow morning if you must, and GET SOMETHING DONE!  Your 1st task might be to make the list of what you need to tackle!


…your success or plea for additional motivation here!  We are all here for each other!
Not sure what Cozi is and why I LOVE it…see a post I did a few months back: http://smartypantsmama.com/2011/06/smart-homa-cozi-your-family-organizer/I’m proud of you already for reading this post and even considering getting something done!


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