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Smart Home: Timmy Time, Disney’s New Friend!

[ad#Google in Content]A great new stop-motion series, Timmy Time, is joining Disney Channel’s Playhouse Disney on Monday, September 13!  Timmy Time, is already a favorite in my household after we got a chance to enjoy two preview episodes!

Are you a Shaun the Sheep fan? Most of us are! Timmy Time is made by Aardman the same creators of Shaun the Sheep, and you’ll notice some similarities!  Timmy Time episodes are filled with important life lessons, such as taking turns or cleaning up your area.  The stories are told without human dialogue.  Instead sounds of oinks, gruffs and more “tell” the story.

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I brought a teachable moment into Timmy Time, too! Since the show lacked dialogue, I periodically paused the program and invited my daughter to explain what was happening. I was curious if she could infer from the character actions and sounds the story sequence. We predicted what would happen next and talked about how things would be different if Timmy had made different choices.  These are great, Smart Mama strategies to use when watching dialogue-less programming.

You’ll also find some excellent resources for you to use with your preschooler, including coloring pages and recipes that tie right into Timmy Time at Disney.com.  These activity sheets are additional manners to integrate more fun and learning into purposeful television viewing

Check local listing for exact airtime, but my sources say it will be played throughout the Playhouse Disney hours in the morning, typically at 7 AM EST.  A DVD will be released in early 2011, as well as Timmy Toys!

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  1. Confession: My husband loves Shaun the Sheep. We have several of the DVDs. For him. Don’t know if he’ll be as interested in Timmy because it might be too cutesy for him … but then again… 😉

    So nice to meet you at the Blogalicious conference!

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