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Smart Cause: Destiny Diaper Bank

The Destiny Diaper Bank needs YOU!

Rev. Rebecca Hines has dedicated her time, finances and energy to be certain that every little bottom in her area has the proper diaper it needs with the creation of Destiny Diaper Bank.  Each week she receives individuals and organization at the bank’s doorstep that are in need.  She does what she can to be sure that each child has the diaper allotment they deserve.  She estimates that 12,000 families struggle to provide diapers for their children in her community, this correlates with the Huggies study that showed 1 in 3 moms are struggling to provide diapers for their babies.

Thankfully Destiny Diaper Bank receives diaper donations from people like you and me. Communities are starting to see how they can support Rebecca and her organization by hosting diaper drives, raising money and more.  Huggies has even donated 200,000 diapers to Destiny Diaper Bank just this summer as part of the remarkable Every Little Bottom campaign!

Even with great donations like Huggies, the struggle continues for Rebecca and the Destiny Diaper Bank.  Each month she struggles to pay for basic necessities like phone, Internet and water that she needs to properly distribute the diapers.  Some months she has even run out of certain diaper sizes because the demand changed.

See this YouTube clip of Destiny Diaper Bank receiving the 200,000 diapers!

What can a Smart Mama do to support the Destiny Diaper Bank?

  1. Donate a few dollars, more or less if you wish, to help Rebecca pay for the supplies and tools she needs to provide the diapers through Paypal.
  2. Purchase diapers that will be delivered directly to Destiny Diaper Bank through the Amazon Wish List she has organized. There is currently a TREMENDOUS need for Size 2 and Size 3 diapers!
  3. Visit Every Little Bottom to learn about the Huggies campaign and see other ways to support banks in your area.
  4. Share your passion with Every Little Bottom by using #elb on Twitter!

As an official Blog Ambassador I am a selected social media partner for the Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign. I am compensated for my time as a consultant to the program. However, the content and thoughts shared in this post are my own.

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