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Smart Home: Feliz Navidad playing since before Thanksgiving

I must admit it. I can’t deny it another day.  My daughter and I began listing to the allChristmas music station the week before Thanksgiving and we haven’t stopped.  I can’t believe it.  I promised I wouldn’t.  I did.

93.1 here in Miami is typically a rock station, 93ROCK.  But from at least a week before Thanksgiving it turns into South Florida’s Holiday Music Station.  All Christmas, all the time!  We love it!

Maybe I should clarify that.  My daughter, who is 4 years old, and I love it.  My husband thinks it is a bit ridiculous.

The challenge I am facing is keep up with my daughter’s song choices.  She has developed an unrelenting passion for Feliz Navidad – the classic originally sung by Jose Feliciano. She asks me every day to put it on.  My horrendous attempt in explaining how a radio works, and how we can’t select the songs doesn’t satisfy her urge to chant prospero año y felicidad!

Yes, I could and should just purchase a Christmas CD that includes the song or even easier download it to my iPod and play it through the car.  But that require planning and money.  Plus, I have my own passion for the spontaneity of the radio, never knowing what song will come on next.

So here I am sharing my Christmas music obsession with you all.  I’m sure I’m not alone.

I have kept up with my not buying a Christmas tree until December, so far at least!

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