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BitDefender making Facebook-ing Safer with safego

How many hours do you spend on Facebook?  Ok, you don’t have to admit that here.  But I want you to take a moment to consider the amount of time you dedicate to chatting with old classmates, posting the latest family photos, playing Farmville and declining events from your neighbor.  Facebook, like any Internet site, poses an opportunity for the bad guys (that’s a Smart Mama term for the…well the bad guys;)) to access your personal information.  We have all heard that Facebook continues to make advances on it’s security but we always hear in the same breath that it still isn’t what is should be.

Bit Defender, Smart Mama’s tool of choice for computer security (read: Smart Home: Bit Defender is my Super Hero), recently developed a great product for all of us Facebook-ers called safgo.  This Facebook application will maintain a safe Facebook environment while we post on our sister’s wall, read messages and more!  With safgo, your Facebook account is regularly monitored to keep the “bad guys” away!  Learn more  below on how safgo can be easily be integrated into your Facebook activity!

Personal security is an important issue whether locking the doors to your home, relying on your car’s security system to deter intruders, or ensuring you computer’s antivirus protection is up to date.  With all of the recent news about Facebook privacy, it is even important to safeguard your social network from prying eyes and e-threats.

BitDefender is looking to protect your Facebook account by creating a robust application that will protect users from prying eyes and e-threats while also allowing you to safely access shared pictures, videos, and files. safego is designed to curb threats to personal privacy, spam attacks, and malware distribution campaigns that have been found to occur through this popular social networking platform.

How does it work?

Installing safego provides:

  • Privacy protection- You’ll be warned when you should modify your Facebook privacy settings so that personal information isn’t exposed.
  • Automatic scanning- Just press the “scan now” button to get a snapshot of your Facebook security status.
  • 24/7 protection- Your account is protected even when you’re not logged into Facebook.
  • Protection for your friends- You’ll have the ability to warn your friends about infected links in their Facebook accounts.

Since safego is in BETA version, BitDefender invites you to be a part of this new product by sharing your opinion during this final testing phase. Direct feedback will be used by the company to make final tweaks.

Here’s how you can help:

For more information about keeping yourself and your family safe online, visit BitMoms.com, a community dedicated to providing free resources and a place for parents to seek advice about keeping children safe on the internet.

I am sharing this information as a BitMom Blog Network Member.  No compensation was received for this post, however, I do receive a stipend to attend a blogging conference of my choice.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with your readers. I agree that there have been tons of improvement to Facebook privacy but still the game seems to change every day!

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