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Smart Home: Bit Defender is my Super Hero!

We have home security system in our home.  It keeps my family safe.  It’s easy to use and we sleep better at night because we know there is a sophisticated system protecting the family and home.

Safety and protection shouldn’t stop at the front door.  A family needs to be protected online as well.  With millions of interactions occurring online every day, we need to be certain that our family’s safety is protected.  Each time we purchase an item online, surf a new web page, or log onto our bank, we need to be certain that no one is “sneaking in” our online house. Bit Defender Total Security is my family’s online security tool.  With Bit Defender, I know that “someone” is always protecting my family, just like my home security system protects my house.  I am confident that a virus or spyware will not be sneaking in when I’m not looking.

Bit Defender Total Security 2011 provides comprehensive, proactive protection, system maintenance and backup, all without slowing down your PC.

This statement is 100% true.  I love that my PC performance is not affected by such a thorough program running behind the scenes.

Just as I am sure I verify that my home security system is on each night by looking for the red indicator light, I look at my PCs taskbar to see the red Bit Defender icon to let me know that my computer is safe too! I welcome, and strongly encourage, Smart Mamas to  consider their computer security system as important as the home security!

Also, be sure to visit BitMoms.com for tips, strategies and great dialogue by moms like us wanting to ensure internet safety in their homes!  Please see below how you can get a copy for you home!

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I’m a BitMom Blog Network Member.  I received BitDefender software for review purposes and a stipend to attend a blogging conference of my choice.

2 thoughts on “Smart Home: Bit Defender is my Super Hero!

  1. I love your analogy of BitDefender being like a home security system for your computer! Thanks so much for sharing your review and a giveaway with your readers so they can keep their computers safe too!

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