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Smart Cause: Step 1 to Hosting a Diaper Drive

Last month I hosted a diaper drive during a garage sale. It was easy! See what I had to say and then read about the 1st simple step to hosting your own diaper drive!

What did you think?  Can you do it too?  I KNOW your can!  Today I begin an 8 part series walking you through the steps of hosting a diaper drive, an elaboration of the Huggies How to Host a Diaper Drive in Your Community Toolkit.  Follow the steps each week to prepare for a drive.  Even if you never have considered hosting a diaper drive, take a moment to learn these simple steps and you will see how easy it is to support moms in need!

Step 1:  Find a local charitable organization to donate the diapers you collect.

Knowing the name of the organization, its current needs and its impact on your community can assist in advertising your drive.  Those who give appreciate knowing exactly who or what their diapers or dollars will support.

A list of local diaper bank locations is available on Every Little Bottom.  Click Get Involved and then enter your zip code and diaper banks currently participating in the program will appear.  Alternatively, contact your church or synagogue to see if they support a local charity that is a diaper provider to moms in need.

You can also consider doing a drive for a diaper bank that may not be local.  For my drive I supported Destiny Diaper Bank, although they are 3 hour car drive away, I was able to easily mail them a check of dollars donated by garage sale attendees.

Call the organization and share your idea.  Discuss their needs.  Often a particular size is needed more than others.  Begin to develop a relationship with the organization.

Smart Mama Task:  In a comment to this post, share which organization you will support in your upcoming drive!

Next step, Set a date and find a location for your diaper drive.

As an official Blog Ambassador I am a selected social media partner for the Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign. I am compensated for my time as a consultant to the program. However, the content and thoughts shared in this post are my own.

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