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Smart Cause: Every Little Bottom, The Newborn Diapers

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We brought Isabella home from the hospital in late October 2006.  We were first time parents, petrified of every sound and movement she would make.  We had learned the 4 basic reasons of a baby’s cry from every experienced mother and baby book available.  Hunger, gas, exhaustion and a dirty diaper with the typical culprits; we needed to check each with every wail!

The cries came often.  We were nervous.  We would go through the rundown.  First on the list was the diaper check.  Open it up and take a peek.  Sometimes it needed a change, sometimes not.  Often we would change it anyway, since we had already taken the time to unsnap the onesie and pull apart the diaper.  We wanted our Isabella to be comfortable and happy.  We wanted her healthy. During those first weeks, we could go through an entire size 1 diaper pack in no time at all.  Do you remember those days, too?

Imagine if you were only allotted a certain number of diapers a day for your newborn? Would you cross your fingers with every cry that it wasn’t the diaper?  You just didn’t have enough to change her as often as you may want or even need to.  A mother in financial hardship must budget her diaper allotment each day.  Rather than changing her baby’s diaper when she believes it is necessary or even when she just wants to, it is often necessary to “hold out” a little longer so the ration will make it through the day.

No part of her is happy with this, but she must do what is necessary due to her family’s financial situation.  Sadly, she can’t tend her baby to the extent her peer may.  She loves her baby just as much.  She wants her baby comfortable and happy.  She wants her baby healthy.  She just for whatever the reason may be cannot provide for her bundle of joy to the extent she wants.  This just isn’t right.

As Smart Mamas we need to do something!  Right now the Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign is making the effort to get diapers to diaper banks where mothers in need can access them.  Thanks to this campaign 1.4 million diapers have already been donated to diaper banks!  Wow!

What can Smart Mamas do to can support Every Little Bottom?
Wondering how you can donate and show support?

  • Donate to an existing diaper bank using Amazon Wishlists.  One of the easiest ways to help!
  • Start spreading the news.  Post, tweets, & Facebook messages can get the message of this critical need out to so many people. Use #elb to keep this a trending topic.
  • Visit the official Every Little Bottom site!
  • Visit and like the Huggies Facebook page.
  • Follow @Huggies on Twittter.
  • Visit SmartyPantsMama.com regularly to see what other news and events are occurring in the campaign!

None of us will ever forget those initial weeks as a first time mommy.  For my family, thankfully we had resources available to keep our diaper stockpile full at all times, but we know that this isn’t the case for all mothers. Let us all support Every Little Bottom and get more diapers available to those who need it most!

As an official Blog Ambassador I am a selected social media partner for the Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign. I am compensated for my time as a consultant to the program. However, the content and thoughts shared in this post are my own.

2 thoughts on “Smart Cause: Every Little Bottom, The Newborn Diapers

  1. This is a great campaign and program. I remember when my daughter was little, we went through diapers so quick sometimes, there never seemed like there would be enough. I love that they now have diaper banks for moms in need!

  2. Thanks for sharing. A mom of 8 grown children and now running Destiny Diaper Bank in Cape Coral, Fl. as I listen to the mom’s stories of what it is like when you first come home from the hospital with that cute bundle of joy, I have to admit, those days never leave your memory. I meet moms every day that take that “little peak” into the diaper of her new baby and cry because she does not have very many left and she does not know what she is going to do. She empties out the soiled part and does not have a choice, she has to place the diaper back on her baby to make it last a little longer. Please help us to help those moms and their new little bundles of joy.

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