A VRBO Home in Ponte Vedra Beach FL
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A VRBO Home in Ponte Vedra Beach FL

I truly knew nothing about Ponte Vedra Beach. I took out a map, then followed I95 South from Savannah, Georgia to find beach towns where we could stay for the third and final leg of our road trip. Just south of Jacksonville was the little town of Ponte Verde Beach that was as the name insinuates, on the beach.Ponte Vedra Beach

I had found a VRBO home that would be the perfect size for the two families who would share it for three nights. My husband loves the beach and pleaded that we stay as close to the beach as possible. To be honest, the moment he heard Ponte Vedra Beach his ears perked because apparently there is the TPC at Sawgrass right there. Sadly, my golfer couldn’t play it during this trip because it was closed for renovations. Shucks. 

The VRBO search for a home began just a few weeks before our arrival date. Consequently, there weren’t many places available. On top of that, we would be there for the 4th of July weekend, a very popular family travel weekend. Thankfully, we did find a home that we end up being just perfect for our family and friends. 

Ponte Vedra Beach Home Location

Our home was on San Juan Drive, just off of Ponte Vedra Boulevard. The details of the home said it was 2 minutes from the beach. It was. Right down our driveway, a turn to the left, cross Ponte Vedra Boulevard and there was the entrance to the beach. Half of the walk was walking from the street to the sand. When you are a family hauling your beach gear a 2 minute walk is key. Note: If your home has a wagon or something else to help haul stuff, use it! Ponte Vedra Beach


There are many hotels in the area that have super reviews on TripAdvisor. But, we wanted a home. Our home location was PERFECT, particularly because the easy to get to beach access and what the beach area was like closest to us.

Ponte Vedra Beach

Ponte Vedra Beach Days

The three days that we brought the family to the beach we were one of at most 5 families there. The beach was so spacious and empty. This includes being there on the 4th of July, a day notorious for busy beaches. When we would look down the coast you could see many people and their umbrellas around the area of the hotels. 

Here is my chair, that I borrowed from our VRBO home. I sat here for hours. I want to sit there again, now. 

Ponte Vedra Beach

We packed lunch and beverages. We had two umbrellas that we brought and chairs that we borrowed. The sun was ultra strong so we applied sunscreen often. 

The waves were bigger than normal for us South Floridians. They were perfect for boogie boards. My two girls and their very patient dad, were in the water for hours riding the board. 

Sand castles were built with intricate moats. It was like the beach was ours. Ponte Vedra Beach

Smarty Pants Travels Trips

  • Book your VRBO with enough time to have as great of an inventory as possible to select from.
  • Select a home as far away from the hotels and inns down the road. This will keep “your” beach as empty as possible. 
  • There is a Publix, Trader Joe’s and Target within 5 minutes of the beach. No need to bring everything from home.
  • Check the closets and garage of the house before you go shopping. A lot of VRBO homes have beach chairs and umbrellas for you to use. 
  • Bring or buy a wagon or other apparatus to help you haul your stuff. The walk to the sand isn’t long but walking to your “spot” can be, depending on the tide. 
  • Enjoy a night out – so you don’t have to do dishes. We went to 619 OceanView that is within the Marriott down the road. Great food, slow service. Ponte Vedra Beach

Plan Your Ponte Vedra Beach Vacation

Looking forward to helping you plan your trip to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Please reach out via comment or email to ask any questions you may have!

Ponte Vedra Beach

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  1. That beach looks amazing. I was actually at the TPC at Sawgrass last fall and while I don’t play golf, it is a golfers dream course.

  2. I would love to do a beach rental but have the hardest time in summer finding somewhere that will rent for a few days instead of a week. I’ll have to revisit VRBO!

  3. We are starting to realize that a VRBO might be a good option for us since it’s getting difficult to stay in a hotel room with two little ones! These are helpful tips!

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