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Ok, so I’ve caved a little …I promise I’ll change!

Have you noticed that your viewpoint on child rearing has undoubtedly changed since you’ve began rearing your own? Were you one of those who muttered under their breath when you saw a mom feed their child a candy bar just before dinner time, or let their child run a circus show at a restaurant? I was! Now, I don’t necessarily agree with these mom’s choices on rearing, but I understand much more their situation.
Every trip to Publix with my peanut includes her tote bag with emergency items: GoldFish, Maria Cookies and water. If she gets feisty, the water comes out. If that doesn’t do the trick, the GoldFish come swimming out into her belly! The last resort, and typically the cure-all is the cookie! Rarely do I even consider the time of day – eating a ½ cup of GoldFish just before lunch may just spoil her appetite!!
Maybe I should consider buying some stock in Pepperidge Farm, makers of the cheezy GoldFish!
I would love to you hear that I’m not alone! Have you bended your rules when you became a mom? Share a comment!

3 thoughts on “Ok, so I’ve caved a little …I promise I’ll change!

  1. Majorly bent the rules, for my 2nd born. My boy was a great little one, great eater, very well behaved. My daughter is well, a bit more of a challenge. If I can get her to eat anything, let alone “healthy”, I am lucky. So she tends to eat when she’s hungry, regardless of mealtimes. If it happens to be a pack of goldfish, well, I guess them’s the breaks!

    Happy blog party!

  2. LOL … OH, my … wait until you are a grandma … bending the rule ???? what rules? I’m still a mom with a 9, 11 and 12 year old at home … but I really had to relate when you said you bent the rules for your 2nd child. Wait until the teen years arrive … it’s all great, though. Enjoy those little ones! Lorie

  3. Oh, boy. I can say that for the most part no, I have not. But then there was the weaning my second child at 13 months which I swore I’d never do. And then letting them have a little cake a bday party just so that I don’t seem like a bitch. Not to mention the couple of times I was so stressed out that I popped my child in the mouth for smarting off. NOT me. It seems harder and harder to keep the strict set of boundaries that I’ve created for myself as a mom as time goes by.

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