5 Reasons to Love Office Depot Rewards
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5 Reasons to Love Office Depot Rewards

I am participating in the #ODRewards campaign sponsored by Office Depot. For more information, about Office Depot Rewards, visit their website.

There are loads of reward programs out there. Some are certainly better than others. I have recently fallen in love with the Office Depot Rewards Program!

This back to school season I have been loading up on supplies and stocking up on rewards with my Office Depot Rewards Program card!  It’s like Office Depot is rewarding me for shopping. Who can complain about that?

Office Depot Rewards

5 Reason to Love Office Depot Rewards

  1. It’s FREE! I love that there is no service charge, upgrade charge or special member benefits charge. You head over to the Office Depot Rewards Program page and provide basic contact information and you’ll be ready to start receiving your shopping rewards. You can also do it in-store.
  2. Monthly Rewards! I love being rewarded more regularly than other reward clubs! Bring on my gifts, frequently!
  3. Exclusive Member Promotions! I love feeling like I’m part of a special club! 
  4. Earn EXTRA Points for the items you select! As a Choice Member (spend $200 a quarter) you’ll get to pick the categories in which you want to earn more points! I love that you pick what benefits you the most to buy!
  5. Reward programs are specific for consumers, businesses and coming soon teachers!

I love that the Office Depot Rewards Program is rewarding me and you! 

Ok, go ahead and head over to Office Depot and sign up! Let me know how many reward points you earn this month! I wonder what our rewards will be!

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