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Obsessed with Burst on Samsung S3

Burst with Shamu!

Our visit to SeaWorld got a whole lot cooler because of my phone. Yes, sounds silly. But, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 I was able to get some pretty awesome shots of the Shamu Show!
When opting for Burst shots in the camera setting, the Galaxy will take 20 consecutive shots. At the end you have a great action shot collage, and/or the opportunity to pick the best shot. Love it. Here are a few of my Shamu shots!

Shamu BurstShamu Burst

I’ve used Burst at soccer games, family dance parties, and more. It’s a fun, worthwhile application.

Samsung BurstSamsung Burst
How have you used Burst?

How to Take Burst Shots on Samsung Galaxy S3

  1. Open camera.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Go to Shooting Mode.
  4. Select Burst Shot.
  5. Optional – Select Best Shot.

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