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Flu Shot in Little Time at MinuteClinic

Flu Shot in Little Time at MinuteClinicFlu Shot at MinuteClinic

I’m all about maximizing time. You have to be as a mom. I LOVE to kill as many birds with one stone as possible. That’s the main reason I loved getting my flu shot at the CVS MinuteClinic this year.

I stopped in to our local CVS MinuteClinic. (Find yours at: http://www.minuteclinic.com/locations/ ) and signed in. Don’t have a MinuteClinic nearby? No worries, CVS Pharmacies are also providing the same flu shot! Within 5 minutes I was sitting in the clinic’s room chatting away with the nurse – a fellow mom of a little baby. We chatted, she held arm and I didn’t feel a thing. That was it.

Here’s a #CarpoolChat video I did before I arrived? I was a little nervous about getting the shot. Yes, super afraid of needles!

I finished up my visit by strolling the aisles picking up a few things I needed and printing out some photos at the photo center. It was an easy, quick trip. Do you know they even give you a 20% OFF Shopping Pass to use that day? I am thankful to have gotten my flu shot in little time at the MinuteClinic.

When are you getting your’s?

Here’s my #CarpoolChat after the flu shot?

CVS MinuteClinic provided me a voucher for a flu shot. All experiences and opinions are my own!

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