National Geographic Kids Photo Guide Book Reivew
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National Geographic Kids Photo Guide Book Reivew

The National Geographic Kids Photo Guide book is a great resource for your blooming photographers.

They grab our phone all the time. But it isn’t to make a phone call. Wether they want to play on an app or take photos with the camera, our young children seem to know so much about how to use our devices. In reality, what they know about taking photos on our phone is simple – they point and click. There is much more to photography. National Geographic Kids

We received the National Geographic Kids Photo Guide book for review purposes. I handed it to my then 8 year old to see what she thought. By the end of the first hour of going through the book she pleaded with me to use my phone to try some of the techniques she had learned.

Before you I knew it, she wanted my “real” camera. She played around in the playroom, outside and all around the house. She had gained knowledge of photography that doesn’t come with using a phone camera, let alone with using any type of camera. The book was the guide she needed to learn how to best take photos. There was so much to consider before clicking to take a photo. I was thrilled to see her so eager to learn. She had seen my interest in photography and camera features when I received the Lumix ZS40 a year or so ago.  Now it was her turn to learn!

She was then eager to share what she learned with others – from Dad, to Nana to her younger sister. That is when she asked if she could also share with all my “people.” LOL! I took out my phone and recorded her video review of the National Geographic Kids Photo Guide to Photography for everyone to see. 

Video Review of National Geographic Kids Photo Guide

Watch her video! 

Since we filmed the video last summer the price has dropped! You can now find it on Amazon and through Amazon Prime!

She would be THRILLED for a comment and/or a thumbs up on the YouTube video!


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