DIY Pallet Board Pool Toy Storage
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DIY Pallet Board Pool Toy Storage

Our backyard pool seems to have noodles, floats and balls scattered everywhere. I knew we needed a remedy to this disaster. I knew we needed to organize our pool toys with some sort of pool toy storage. I got my hands on a pallet board thanks to some construction at the house. I put it by the pool and waited until we got back from our summer road trip.Upon our return I got to work on the DIY pallet board pool toy storage. I couldn’t be happier with the results. 

Thankful for the garden potting bench we made before, I knew the DIY drive was in me!

How to Make the DIY Pallet Board Pool Toy Storage

DIY Pallet Board
This is the pallet board. Doesn’t it look gross? I was so inspired!

Sand the Board

I used Tom’s electric sander and grade 120 sandpaper to smooth the board. I also needed to use his hammer to knock down some nails that were sticking out. DIY Pallet Board

Paint the Pallet Board

I chose white. It took two coats to give it the deepness I wanted. I used the Valspar Chalky White paint. Although a bit expensive, I had it on hand for another project and wanted to use this project to try it out. Loved it. DIY Pallet Board

Sand It

I wanted the Pallet Board to look worn – sort of washed up off the beach look. I took out the sander again and carefully worked on the edges and corners to get it a distressed look. 

Add the Toys

DIY Pallet BoardI added the toys and pool equipment into my DIY Pallet Board Toy Storage unit! It looks great and works! 

Have you seen the DIY PVC Pipe Towel Rack that we found? It’s another great DIY project for the backyard!

DIY Pallet Board

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  1. Fantastic idea! Possibly the most simple thing that can be done to transform a pallet into something else that’s just as useful. Is it fixed to the wall? If not that’s probably the only thing I’d add, from a safety perspective.

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