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I found $5.00 under my kitchen sink and my husband wanted me to throw it away!

Would you throw away a 5 dollar bill?

I found one under my kitchen sink and my husband wanted me to throw it away.  You see the bill was in the form of 2 unopened Brita water filters. We were cleaning out the cabinets under the kitchen sink and found all sorts of things, like the random half-used bottle of window cleaner, ½ dozen sponges and a pair of ripped gloves.  Most importantly, I found two brand new packages of water filters to use with a Brita water pitcher – a pitcher we no longer use or even own. So what to do with these filters?  Guess what Tom’s immediate thought was?  Yep, throw them away, we don’t need them.   But I thought, I don’t know, these are brand new, there’s got to be someone who could use them.  That’s when my ebay lightbulb went on!  Yes, I could sell them!

Could Only Get Richer!

The next day I began the simple process of selling them online.  I took a photo of them and I listed them for 99¢.  I figured I had nothing to lose.  The money I had spent on these filters was long gone now and if I could make a dollar off of them, I would be a dollar richer!


Ding, ding, ding! Three days later at my auction close, the pair of filters sold for $6.50!  I couldn’t believe it.

Go turn on your ebay lightbulb.  Clean out a drawer or cabinet and see what you can find.  You have money in there in the form of products someone else is willing to buy from you! Let me know what you find!

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Disclosure: This post has been created in connection with my appointment as an eBay Parent Panel Ambassador.  All opinions are my own!

7 thoughts on “I found $5.00 under my kitchen sink and my husband wanted me to throw it away!

  1. I would definitly throw them away! I know what you are saying and you have a poit, you are in fact probably right in the sense of what you say but I would be grossed out using them even if they are sealed.

  2. Ebay rocks! I listed some of the boys’ older toys right earlier this month, and made a few bucks of off things just sitting in their playroom that they no longer had any interest in. I actually have two piles in my house, a yard sale pile, and an Ebay pile. Doesn’t hurt to make a little money off of things we no longer use or need.

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