Head Lice Prevention and Treatment

Head Lice Prevention

Head Lice Prevention and Treatment

I vividly remember having head lice as a child. I know how I got it. My friend’s and I used to play “hairdresser” during recess. We would brush each other’s hair. Share brushes. Share scrunchies. My grandmother seemed to always be visiting from Miami when I would begin scratching. She would sit there with a comb and slowly get them out of my hair. Just hearing the word lice, I begin to itch. I’m itching now.

This week our principal sent home the infamous lice letter – someone at school has lice. EEEEEK! Thankfully I’ve done all I can to prevent head lice from our home. I still checked the girls and scratched my head a million times.

Preventing Head Lice

  • Keep hair dirty. Head lice doesn’t like dirty hair. Not sure why but don’t stress about the kids washing their hair when lice is going around school. A lot of hair styles work better with unwashed hair, too.
  • Head lice doesn’t like tea tree or peppermint. A few years ago I received Boo Spray made by So Cozy. It’s a peppermint head licesmelling spray that you spray into the child’s hair. The smell is strong but pleasant and FAR BETTER than lice. I spray it in the girls hair – when I remember. (Please note that this is not a sponsored post for So Cozy. I am sharing this product SOLELY based on my experience using it.)
  • Keep the hair up. Beautiful long dangling hair just gives the head lice and extra “branch” to jump to. Please, keep their hair up.
  • Gel and spray it up! Have no shame in adding globs of gel to your child’s hair. This coating adds another layer of defense.

Head Lice Treatment

Patience and a nit comb are what’s most important. Patience, unfortunately, not available for purchase! It’s how my great aunt got the lice out of my head in the 1980s. Thankfully they now have a variety of products available to help remove the lice for the hair. Below is a list of the 5 most used and effective head lice treatment kits.


Looking for a good brush for your girls with knots? See my review of the Wet Brush.

Hoping your school year and summer camp days are NOT full of head lice!Head Lice Prevention


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5 thoughts on “Head Lice Prevention and Treatment

  1. Oh my goodness I can barely read this post because now my head is itching and I’m terrified of the lava traction 🙂 we struggled with this so much in kindergarten. We struggled somewhat in third grade. And knocking on everything we’ve made it through fourth lice free.

  2. Yep, I’m itchy at the very thought. Though I’m on the opposite end – the teacher that has to deal with the case(s) of head lice that come in. Right now it’s hard to combat something that the school isn’t helping prevent. Ugh… we used to send kids home with one nit and now even if they have any or live bugs they are able to stick to school.

    (Don’t get me started.)

    The tea tree oil is fantastic!! I apply it to my hair and make sure the go between washings of my hair per week. Plus it’s easier on your hair in the long run. I don’t get it… many people are fearful of these guys, but with proper education, the stigma might go away.

    What do I know? Pfft.

    Great post. Now… what about bed bugs?! CRIES!!

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