How We Use the Wet Brush to End Hair Brushing Tears
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How We Use the Wet Brush to End Hair Brushing Tears

NOTE: I was NOT paid or even given this brush. I purchased this brush on my own and have fallen in love with it, hence providing you with a true been there, done that experience! 

Are you looking to either get your daughter to deal with getting her hair brushed or find a brush that will make hair bushing in the AM much more tolerable for all of you? I have found the solution! We are huge fans of the Wet Brush – the ONLY brush that we use in this house if we don’t want to hear, “OWWWWWW! That hurts!” when I’m doing hair.

How I Found the Wet Brush

At a playgroup for my youngest, I overheard a mom talking about some awesome brush that her older daughter can tolerate when she brushes her hair. Just that morning I had another ordeal with my 6 year old who freaks out when I’m trying to gently brush through her tangles. It always turns into trauma! You would think I was taking tweezers and yanking out individual pieces of her hair, over and over again. I interrupted the conversation to get the details.

Wet Brush

What was this brush and where could I get it?

A local hair salon, Gleam in South Miami, carried the brush. My mom was heading to the salon in the coming days so I put her on the task. She was as motivated as I was to end the hair brushing agony. The Wet Brush was out of stock! Yes, it was that popular already. She placed an order and within a week I was heading over to Gleam to pick it up.

The Wet Brush Changed Our Mornings

It’s pretty profound to say that a hairbrush could change a morning, but it did. The Wet Brush’s bristle design is in a way that it prevents uncomfortable tugging on the hair and combs the hair smooth. It’s pretty miraculous.

Video Proof of the Wet Brush

Check out our little demo of the Wet Brush in use!

Purchasing the Wet Brush

You can check with local salons or buy a Wet Brush online. I have found the best deals through online merchants! I HIGHLY recommend the Wet Brush!

33 thoughts on “How We Use the Wet Brush to End Hair Brushing Tears

  1. OMG I need to get one coming my 6 year olds hair is like literally pulling teeth and she has hair all the way past her bottom… I will be looking for this and checking out deals online for one.. Thanks…

  2. How does that brush do that is what I want to know?! Regardless, I need to find it and get it for my daughter – her hair is so fine and pin straight that it gets into knots after a night’s sleep. I have to hear my daughter whine and run away whenever she sees a brush in my hand!

  3. Same scenario here. It’s always a battle to brush her hair as she is so sensitive and I oftenly hear “Ouch, that hurt mommy!” Wow to wet brush, I hope I can get one!

  4. yea, wet brushes are definitely better for getting out the mess in the morning. i don’t have that problem anymore though 😛 I shaved my head cause I was sick of dealing with it xD

  5. Love the video!! I have seen this brush used in many makeup videos I watch on YouTube and I’ve been SOOOO tempted to pick it up for myself since they say not to brush your hair when it is wet but I do anyways, lol

  6. Confession: I have amazing curly hair. So amazing that some days if I don’t want to bother with the tangles, I just don’t. I have been known to not bother with those dag on tangles for maybe two (okay three) days. That means that when I wash it the next morning, there are gonna be some tangles – so I know what the wet brush is all about. I will be searching this sucker out. Great post. Angst saving post. Grown up tear saving post.

  7. I have 3 daughters, 2 of which are twins. One’s hair is super easy and the other’s is full of knots. I’ve tried so many brushes already…..but I’ll try anything at this point!

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