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Happy 1st Day of New Year’s Resolutions – Ok, I’m giving myself 1 more day!

Can you believe it’s already 2012?

Excuses are being thrown out the window!  We now need to take 2012 and make it the very best we can.  What we put into it will have a direct effect on what we get out of it.  Yes, time to throw away those remaining Christmas cookies if a healthier lifestyle is in your resolution list!

You have your personal resolutions that I welcome you to share here.  I have one’s too!  I also have a New Year’s resolution for my Smarty Pants Mama community! I have made the resolution to provide you with achievable tasks each day to make you SMARTER MAMAS – smarter in your health, in your home life and your family!

Tomorrow I will present the 1st task!  Curious as to what it is?  I bet you are!  Here’s a few hints: I was inspired at Pinterest!  It is something that your family will cherish for many years to come!

Until tomorrow, please take a moment to share your personal resolutions here and/or at our BlogFrog community – TheBlogFrog.com/SmartMamaLUTION

I am truly excited to work with all of you to be the very best Smart Mamas!

So, what are your personal resolutions?  Please share!

Be sure to share the excitement by…

  1. Tweet using #SmartMamaLUTION – Sample tweet:  I’m committing to being a Smarter Mama in 2012 with #SmartMamaLUTION at SmartyPantsMama.com!
  2. Joining the linky list below to pledge your commitment to visitSmartyPantsMama.com each day, learn about the day’s Smart MamaLUTIONand complete it!  If you aren’t a blogger, or just don’t want to use the linky, feel free to leave a commentinstead!
  3. Joining our Blog Frog community, a place where we can all discuss our happenings, up and downs, of achieving our resolutions. http://www.BlogFrog.com/SmartMamaLUTION
  4. Include the SmartMamaLUTION button on your site or Facebook page to announce your commitment!

<a href=”http://smartypantsmama.com/2011/12/smartmamalution-take-the-pledge-to-be-a-smarter-mom-in-2012/”><img title=”#SmartMamaLUTION” src=”http://smartypantsmama.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/SMLButton.jpg” alt=”” width=”192″ height=”186″ /></a>

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