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Goodbye 2011! New Year’s Eve – In or Out?

I cannot believe that tomorrow is New Year’s Eve!  This year has been filled with all sorts of roller coaster twists, turns and a few

loops.  In 2011 we were faced with my father being diagnosed with cancer, my daughter Cecilia being born, my father beating cancer (with a heart attack thrown in there!) and a not so great job situation for my husband.  I will gladly bid 2011 farewell and cheer to a new year full of great health, happiness and more!

Our night will be spent at home.  With the exception of just a few times in our 9 New Year’s Eve’s together, Tom and I will stay in cooking up a delicious dinner and watching the ball drop.  We typically go all-out at Whole Foods, buying a fancy cut of meat, delectable seafood  and a way too expensive bottle of wine.  We cook together our final meal of the year, clanging wine glasses between courses!  It’s awesome.  It’s romantic.  It’s exactly what we want.

How about you?  Will you be at home?  Heading out to a fancy dinner?

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