Capturing Moments Through a Droid

Capturing Moments
Captured Moment: In the basket!
Photo taken on Samsung Galaxy S III

Capturing Moments Gets Easier

Capturing moments has become an easier task for moms with the advancement of technology on smart phones like the Samsung Galaxy S III. There are numerous times a day, particularly when the children are very young, that a mother experiences a moment with her child that she wants to always cherish. It could be that 1st step, smile or even a silly time when the little one sat herself in a basket. Capturing the moment is naturally done through camera or video, but think back a few years ago. Where was your camera? Was it always in your pocket or purse? Unlikely. You had to think if you had film, was it loaded correctly and was their enough power in the camera. Thank you to the invention of camera phones! Devices that easily fit in your pocket and making sharing the moments easier than ever.

Capturing Moments
Captured Moment: Sisterly Love 🙂
Photo taken on Samsung Galaxy S III

Capturing Moments Constantly

My daughters are nearly 6 and just over a year. We have moments ALL. THE. TIME! My Samsung S III has been there with me for many moments these last few months, capturing and making memories that will last forever. The 4.8-inch display with a 720 pixel camera and the 30 frames per second video are remarkable in their quality. The Burst Shot on the Samsung Galaxy S III is perfect for moms. When selected the phone will take 20 instant shots. Think of yourself as paparazzi clicking away, later selecting the best shot.

Sharing Captured Moments

Sharing those moments on photos is another challenge mother’s face. How often do you have your memory card full of photos that you NEVER print or even easily email out to friends & family? We are all guilty of that. My Samsung S III lets me do so easily with S Beam. This Star Trek sounding app allows you to transfer a photo, video and more from one Galaxy S III to another by placing the two phones back-to back. Have you seen the commercial for that? Yes, it’s that cool and easy to do.

Capturing Moments
Captured Moment: She’s a passionate scientist!
Photo taken on Samsung Galaxy S III

The Share button within the photo/video gallery is impressive as well. With simple touches, I upload my #CarpoolChat videos, email a photo to my husband, or upload a moment to Instagram. The share interface on the Galaxy S III makes it quick and easy – something a busy mom like me needs. I bet you’re in the same boat !

How do you capture moments? Is your phone your many tool?

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