Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Family Halloween costume ideas are a fun way to bring out the creativity and excitement of the season! There is nothing more exciting than seeing the families walk down the block or better yet down Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom for the Mickey’s No-So-Scary Halloween Party.

Post Updated: September 2106

Many family Halloween costumes are easy enough to DIY at home, or can easily be purchased through retailers like Amazonetsy or mass chains like Party City. I searched around Pinterest and Google for some ideas! Hope these spur creativity as you plan out this year’s family Halloween costume!

Classic Family Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Looney Tunes Family What’s up doc? Meep Meep!  Looney Tunes has some great characters that many of us enjoyed on Saturday Morning Cartoons growing up. How fun to dress up as different characters from this classic show. I love how Moms and Crafters did it with her family. Check out her full description of how she put together this family Looney Tunes costume idea
  2. Mr. Potato Head Family These are the cutest potatoes I’ve ever seen. Making a Mr. Potato Head Family is a great DIY and affordable costume. 
  3. Star Wars Family Costume Star Wars is the costume of choice for my family – as of right now – for this year. I love how simple the BB2 costume is – she made it wish one of those Chinese lantern decorations. Thumbs up for this Star Wars Family Costume idea. 
  4. Lucy and Ricky Costume for mom & dad This one would be so much fun to do with Tom. Click here to purchase the Lucy Poka Dot Dress Costume  . See more couples Halloween Costumes ideas
  5. Toy Story
    A few years back I took out my DIY self and created these Toy Story costumes. The then 4 year old was Jesse, Tom was Woody and I was Bulls Eye. We wore these costumes to the Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World.  
  6. The Three Little Pigs Costume


The story time classic, The Three Little Pigs, makes a great family Halloween costume idea! Look at how cute this family looked! I bet the dad had a blast Huffing and Puffing!

Hope to spark some family Halloween costume ideas! Be sure to share on this post other family Halloween costume ideas!



  1. Emily @ Baby Dickey 1 October, 2012 at 20:22 Reply

    Cute ideas! I was actually thinking of doing the wizard of oz this year… last year I make family skeleton costumes and the year before there were 3 of us so we did “lions, tigers, and bears!” and my husband’s shirt (bear) said “oh my!” 🙂

  2. Menucha 19 September, 2016 at 10:54 Reply

    Love this list – thank you for featuring our Looney Tunes-inspired Family Costume idea! I’m working on putting together a fun Sesame Street inspired getup for this year 🙂

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