Break Apart Gifts, Why They Work
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Break Apart Gifts, Why They Work

A big package of 4 decorative candles might be too much to give your son’s teacher, but break apart the gift box and now you have something for the teacher, the principal, the secretary and even the music teacher! During a recent media visit to a nearby BJ’s Wholesale, I was in awe with the number of great break apart gifts ready to make Christmas shopping easier. Yes, I said shopping easier.

My very favorite break apart gift were these Ghirardelli & Walkers gift mugs. They have great treats stuffed into each mug making it a perfect gift. Plus, each one comes wrapped separately with a bow!

Break Apart Gifts


There were “break apart” gifts with candles, cookies, chocolates…you name it. Yes, for many gift recipients I do take the time to find well thought-out gift. These gifts at BJ’s are tasteful and work for a variety of people you might be buying for this year. 

BJs WholesaleWe all think of buying in bulk when we think of wholesale clubs like BJs and that can work to our advantage when holiday shopping. Consider buying a vat of chocolate, nuts, candies – at a price FAR LOWER  than what you will find at your local grocer. Package the treat in gift bags or boxes and viola you’ve got an affordable gift!

Hope these ideas inspire you as you conclude or begin your Christmas shopping this year! 


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