How to Choose Kids Luggage
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How to Choose Kids Luggage

How to Choose Kids Luggage

When they are babies, you share luggage. If you have a separate suitcase for them, it is typically full of diapers. Soon enough they want it ALL BY MYSELF. We first purchased our oldest her own suitcase when she was 3. She loved it. She would fill it with her “stuff,” including some random things from around the house. I would maintain responsibility on packing her clothing in our suitcase.

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My older daughter has a great suitcase. The youngest one is getting a new one for her birthday!

Wether they are rolling their favorite outfit or all their Barbies, learn how to purchase the best quality kids luggage for family travel. Here’s what I’ve learned is important when choosing kids luggage:

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4 Best Features of Kids Luggage

Kids Luggage Size

There is no point getting the cutest LITTLE suitcase when he/she won’t be able to fit anything in it. More than like your child will want to wheel the suitcase onto the plane, so be sure it is of appropriate measurement for overhead storage. Most U.S. airlines have carry-on restrictions of 22 inches (22”x 14″ x 9″) and cannot exceed 45 linear inches. That means combined length + width + height.

Another reason to consider the kids luggage size is that you most certainly don’t want to have to check the suitcase that is holding all of their “stuff,” especially when it has things they need for entertainment on the plane.


Kids LOVE to put stuff in things. They love pockets. Select a kids suitcase that has pockets. These will be used to not only store clothing but their toys.

To be honest, I’m obsessed with compartments, too. When I travel with the kids, I rely on a good this cross-body bag that has loads of compartments.  Kids Luggage Compartments

Ease of Use

Don’t go for the cheapest in the lot. We once purchased a cute suitcase and the handle was so stubborn to pull. Find a quality suitcase which has wheels that easily glide, a zipper that works and a handle that can, without a problem, pull the luggage. If you’re buying the suitcase at a store, take in on a test drive. Roll it around and try to use all it’s features to be sure they work well. If you decide to buy a suitcase online, look at it’s return policy incase it’s not as functional as you had thought.

Not Trendy

What your child loves at age 3 will likely be completely different than age 4. When shopping for kids luggage, find a pattern that is likely to still be loved for at least 2 years. While they may LOVE Cars right now, will they will love this cartoon movie in a few years? Maybe. The Cars suitcase is adorable!

Top Kids Luggage

I found 5 suitcases that align with my top features for kids suitcases. Many of these can be purchased online and are sent through FREE shipping. Let me know which one you purchase for your kids!

  1. This Olympia 19″ luggage has a fun design that is age appropriate for many years. This is a lightweight suitcase that should last for several trips. It retails for $80, but I’ve seen it discounted quite a bit, too. Click here to learn more. 
  2. This is a 16″ spinner kids suitcase with matching 12″ carry on by Goplus. Love, love, love the luggage package. It comes in several different designs – some more girls, some more boyish and some gender-neutral. The price in under $50 for both which makes it a great deal. Love the matching carry on. Click here to learn more.
  3. The Milliard Kids Ride On Suitcase is a popular one. I can just imagine my youngest wanting to be pulled around the airport. This could get to be a pain. But, I promise you will have a happy child when they get this popular children’s luggage! This suitcase retails for over $200 but is on sale for under $100 on eBags. Click here to learn more. Milliard Ride On Kids Luggage
  4. American Tourister is a trusted luggage brand. For over 75 year, American Tourister has been making luggage for travelers. They have several kid luggage pieces that are great to add to your collection. I really like American Tourister Marvel Spinner. This quality suitcase retails for under $200. Click here to learn more. American Tourister Kids Luggage
  5. Another American Tourister kids luggage that is certain to make the kids smile and last for quite a long time. Packing for your next Disney trip will get even more symbolic with this kids luggage. Yes, they have it in Minnie Mouse, too! Click here to learn more.

Giving the Gift of Kids Luggage

I learned then that kids luggage is a WINNER of a gift to give a child. It makes them feel all grown up and in reality it does help having them pack and haul some of their stuff when on a family vacation. You can even get the kids those packing bags that make packing more efficient and organized. My kids love to put things inside of other things.

Best Kids Luggage

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