The HTC Windows 8X Phone & Not Packing
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The HTC Windows 8X Phone & Not Packing

It’s hard. You get so used to your phone that you can use it blindfolded. But then a new phone appears. It’s shinier. It’s newer. It can do all sorts of cool fancy stuff. But, where and how do you start?HTC Windows 8X

A brand new HTC Windows 8X phone arrived the day before we left for the cruise. Overwhelmed with a GAZILLION things to do, I handed it to my husband and asked him to get it going. I watched him open the box and his eyes lit up. The phone was so pretty, with a blueish/purpleish back cover. He turned it on and I looked even harder. Wow, what a beauty. The images, the interface & the design had me drop the pile of who knows what that I was attempting to pack and take the phone back. I sat on the bed and Tom and I together figured out the new phone. We set up the important components (email, Facebook and Twitter) and then immediatly began playing with the camera.

Camera Chic

The video and camera functionality of a phone is super important for me. I’m a busy mom, like you, and I rely on my phone to capture the images and videos of the kiddos. The camera on the HTC Windows 8X phone was easy to use and produced a top notch, quality image. With an 88 degree wide-angle front facing lens (that means it can capture a far wider image than any other phone camera), I will certainly begin recording my daily #CarpoolChat on the phone. I was sold and not packing.

HTC Windows 8X
Our 1st goofy picture with the HTC Windows 8X.

It’s been a few short weeks since the phone arrived and it hasn’t left my side. I love to play with it whenever possible so I can learn to use it blindfolded like its predecessor. It won’t be long.

Have you seen the new HTC Windows 8X phone? Are you in love too?

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