Moms Benefitting from Soybean Oil Recipes
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Moms Benefitting from Soybean Oil Recipes

Open your pantry. Pull out the oil. What do you see? Your bottle of vegetable oil – the best oil for frying and the base to many Hispanic foods – is likely 100% soybean oil! This oil provides a hearty dose of vitamin E and omega-3s, which may help reduce blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

Earlier this year, I searched all over the speciality/gourmet aisles in search for the healthy oil – and much to my surprise it was the inexpensive oil I had already  in my kitchen. I’ve been invited by the United Soybean Board to see how and why smart mamas might benefit from a great selection of soybean oil recipes. 

Soybean Recipes

Finding Soybean Oil Recipes

I now walk down the aisle of my grocer recognizing soybean oil that is often disguised/labeled vegetable oil. My recipe collection that uses this oil has expanded with the recipes. I’ve made the smoothies and even hummus using soy. I’ve also made the delicious Mediterranean Soy Marinade that I used with chicken.  The next one on my list is the Caprese Salad with Walnut Pesto Vinaigrette.  Doesn’t it look amazing?!

Caprese Salad with Soybean Oil

Why Should Moms Use Soybean Oil?

With the right amount of oil each day, research has shown that soybean oil can provide several heart healthy benefits like:

• Consumed in moderation, soybean oil can lower cholesterol levels
• Soybean oil is one of the few non-fish sources of Omega-3 fatty acids
• Great source of Vitamin E, an essential vitamin that helps prevent cell damage that may lead to diseases such as cancer and heart disease

Oil, regardless the type, is healthiest used in moderation – no one should be drinking a glass of oil. The USDA recommends women between 31-50 to consume 5 teaspoons of oil per day. (

Soybean Oil and Beyond

Check out your pantry. See what types of oil you have and be sure to read the ingredients. Are you one of the MANY moms already using soybean oil in her recipes through traditional vegetable oil. If so, be proud of the health benefits you are providing your family by using soybean oil. 

Check Your Label & Win

The United Soybean Board is providing one SmartyPantsMama reader with a $50 VISA gift card to encourage readers to check their labels and look for soybean oil! Are you ready to check your label and win!?

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