Smarty Pants Product of the Week – Earthbound Farms snacks
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Smarty Pants Product of the Week – Earthbound Farms snacks

I’m the lunchbox packer in this house, like many other Smart Mamas. We fill lunchboxes for the young and old (maybe I should have said middle-aged) with favorites like PB&J sandwiches to bags of chips.

A healthy item, fruit or veggie, is something I like to include, much to the complaints from the little and big. I’ve purchased apples, sliced and bagged them to put in the brown bag, but I’m sorely disappointed at the times the lunchbox returns with the now uneaten browned apples. I’ve recently started using the Eartbound Farm line instead. The individual packages of fresh, crunchy apple slices are perfect! The apples stay fresh and best of all they are very much enjoyed by munchkin and daddy!
Here are some items Earthbound Farms has all ready for you to throw in tomorrow’s lunchbox:
  • Organic Apple Slices – These fresh, crunchy apple slices are the perfect size and ready to eat. (5 2oz bags for $3.99)
  • Organic Mini-Peeled Carrots snack pack – (10 2oz bags for $2.99)
  • Organic Carrot Dippers with Ranch Dressing – This perfect combination will help sneak in that serving of veggies at lunch (3 packs for $2.89)
  • Grab & Go Salads: Caesar Salad, Mixed Baby Greens or Baby Spinach Kits ($3.69 a box and includes salad, dressing, topping, fork and the clamshell package can be used as a bowl
  • Organic Raisin snack packs – A sweet treat in a little box (6 1.5oz boxes for $2.99)
PS – Already today I have munched on two bags of the Earthbound Farms Mini-Peeled Carrots snack pack en route to pick up my daughter from pre-school. They were crunchy and yummy and made the perfect snack!

As a special thank you to the wonderful readers of, Earthbound Farms will provide one super lucky reader their full color cookbook, Food to Live By, with dozens of organic food recipes. To have a chance to win this special prize, simply follow the directions below! Giveaway will be held on Thursday, September 3rd.


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