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We thought we would always remember the special moments of pregnancy.  We’ve seen beautiful hardcover journals and more to document the daily happenings of our pregnancy.  We swore we would take out the book, find a pen and write (in our best handwriting of course) our pregnancy happenings. I’ve tried to, but it never happens.

We’ve called the crew, from mom to mother in law and everyone in between at the sense of the 1st kick or after each sonogram.  Time spent on the phone is ridiculous at times, especially with a toddler yanking your leg or dinner burning on the stove.

Between the dozens of doctor’s appointments, errands to run, a job to keep and possibly chasing after one or more little munchkins, your down time is usually spent here, online catching up on Facebook, checking in on your registry or just Googling some random thing.

Mama Memoirs ( has recognized your pregnant needs by creating an easy to use pregnancy journal that can be instantly shared with your loved ones.  I was recently invited to it try out.  As a recent pregnant Smart Mama, I quickly recognized that this was certainly a tool for Smart Pregnant Mamas.  Its clean design, great journaling templates to organize your thoughts, gather the stats like the size of your belly to the date of the 1st kicks, notification capabilities allow you to share the journal with loved ones, and a beautiful hardcover book put together at the end of you pregnancy with all your journal entries, sets it apart from other pregnant journal mediums.

With Mama Memoirs, gone are the days of finding the pen, the book or making a million phone calls to update on the last doctor appointment.  Also, gone are the days of boring your husband with one more, “I can’t believe these sandals don’t fit because my cankles are out of control!”  Now, with you can record your day’s happenings, your measurements, photos and more at the same spot you read this and stalk former enemies on Facebook.

Here’s the lowdown of and how it could work for you or another Smart Pregnant Mama out there!

New Gram
Each day, or as often as you wish, you can visit and add to your journal. provides 6 different categories for journal entries to help you organize your thoughts.  Categories include:

  1. Share today’s memorable stories
  2. Discuss feelings about your pregnancy
  3. Track how your body is changing
  4. Add bump updates and photos
  5. Talk about what you’re craving
  6. Note how you’re gearing up

Send Invitations
After you enter your story, photo or other statistic, an email is sent to all those that you have selected in your notifications.  It’s as easy as that.  No more making 5 million calls or telling your sister the story about how you bought another adorable onesie when she is battling her own family madness.  She can keep up-to-date at her own leisure when she checks her email instead.  Essentially, now all those who want to be kept in the loop, will be kept in the loop!

Print Your Journal
At the culmination of your pregnancy, when you’re even more tired than before, your journal entries can be printed and bound into a keepsake book.  This hardcover journal is the exact keepsake you’ll want, as it will have every single detail from those long, tiring, cankle months to the unusual cravings you had during the 1st trimester and more!

Giveaway! And the winner is Alexis of

Are you pregnant?  Or know someone who is?  I would like to offer 2 readers the chance to receive a complimentary hardcover book (via a PayPal gift card for use at of their Mama Memoirs journal at the culmination of their pregnancy!  To enter the giveaway, share in a comment who in your life (maybe it’s you) is a Smart Mama to-be who would enjoy the journal keepsake!

Additional Entries:

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Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on Friday, July 22, 2011. Winner will be announced soon thereafter and will have 48 hours to confirm acceptance of prize or forfeit winning. Winner selected by

Disclosure: Compensation was received to produce this review.  All opinions are my own and are not influenced by compensation. 

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