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Congratulations to Bicycle Playing Cards® on their 125th Anniversary!  Woo Hoo!  In celebration of their 125th anniversary, Bicycle Playing Cards® is focused on inspiring families to rekindle the experience that cards can bring. For 125 years, the world’s most popular playing cards have given America the name of the game, now in 2010 Bicycle Playing Cards asks you What’s Your Game?™. This year, Bicycle is committed to teaching players – young and young at heart — card games that help build relationships, make learning fun, and inspire a little friendly competition. Find out more at

Card games have been a source of entertainment since the first pack of Bicycle Playing Cards® was cut.  Games of Go Fish with siblings and to rowdy games of Texes Hold ‘em with friends, we have founds the entertainment value of this simple, inexpensive “toy.”

As mothers we need to not only look at the entertainment value but also consider the educational value.  How can we use a standard deck of playing cards, such as Bicycle Playing Cards® to teach our children?  There are many ways.  Obvious math lessons are what first come to mind.

Here are 5 ways that I use Bicycle Playing Cards® as an educational tool.  Try these out with your preschooler: (All the activities can be tweaked for older children as well.)

  1. Counting: Cover the number on a card and ask the child to count the number shapes. Reveal the number to see if he/she is correct.
  2. Sort: Using a full deck, ask the him/her to sort by suit, by number, face card/not face card…
  3. Compare: Essentially, play the classic game of War.  The child must compare the numbers to determine whose number is bigger.
  4. Order: Ask the child to arrange the cards from Ace – King.
  5. Match: Start with two suits, hearts and spades for example, and place the cards face down in a grid formation.  Play “Memory” by matching the spade with a club.

What’s Your Game?™ Do you have another educational card game that I can add to our Smart Mama Card Game List?

Disclaimer: I was given 2 packs of Bicycle Playing Cards® for my review. I was allowed to keep the product, but the opinion I am sharing remains my own.



  1. Rah-rah-bert 21 June, 2010 at 21:04 Reply

    As a former kindergarten and first grade reading teacher I love these games. They are fun and a learning tool at the same time.

  2. smartypantsmama 21 June, 2010 at 21:14 Reply

    Thanks! I too am a former teacher (primarily 3rd and 5th grades.) I love when learning is so much fun that kids have no idea that it's a learning activity! It's great!

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