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Smart Cause: 12 Days of Diapers – Support a Mom in Need! {w/giveaway}

WINNER: Jennifer B. who donated to a local food bank! Thank you Jennifer for supporting moms in need!

Our Christmas lists are made and the shopping may even be done!  But, we all know the truth.  Many moms are struggling to alone diaper their babies, not to mention providing a gift under the tree.

I am inviting Smarty Pants Mama readers (that’s you!) to take advantage of an awesome opportunity to support a mom in need this December in the 12 Days of Diapers!  These last few months I have seen 1st hand how I can raise a few pennies and set some of my own spending money aside to support the many moms who rely on Destiny Diaper Bank to help them through difficult times.  My donation of diapers and of cash made a difference in a mom’s day – I just know it!

This month, in the spirit of giving, I would like YOU to also support a mom buy purchasing and donating a pack of diapers to Destiny Diaper Bank or the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona.  These two diaper banks go above and beyond to be there for the families in their community.  Donations are best done through the Amazon Wish List the diaper bank leaders have created.

Listen to what Rev. Rebecca Hines, founder of Destiny Diaper Bank, has to say about how these 12 Days of Diapers and Every Little Bottom is making a difference to her organization!

Donate & Enter to Win!

As a special thank you each of you who donate, I invite you to enter to win a great prize!

The winner will select one of these three prizes:

1) Ready to Roll Cadence™ Stroller ($249.99 value)

2) 8GB Mino HD ($229.99 value)

3) Amazon Gift Card ($200 value)

How to Enter

  1. Click either of the following links to donate to Destiny Diaper Bank or the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona through their Amazon Wish List.  OR Donate  a pack of diapers to a local organization such as a shelter, church or other.
  2. In a comment, indicate to which bank you donated and why making charitable donations at this time of year is important to you and your family.

Increase your Odds!  (you must complete the above donation 1st!)

  1. Include the Every Little Bottom Twibbon on your Facebook profile (http://twibbon.com/cause/Huggies-Every-Little-Bottom-2/Facebook )
  2. Include the Every Little Bottom Twibbon on your Twitter profile (http://twibbon.com/join/Huggies-Every-Little-Bottom-2) . (1 additional comment entry)
  3. Follow me (@SmartyPantsMama) on Twitter and retweet my daily 12 Days of Diapers (#12DaysDiapers) tweets.  (1 additional comment entry per day)
  4. Follow me (Facebook.com/SmartyPantsMama) on Facebook and share my daily 12 Days of Diapers posts. (1 additional comment entry per day)

This giveaway will end at 11:59 PM on December 17, 2010.  A winner will announced soon thereafter.

One entry per donation.

This giveaway is open to those in the US and Canada, ages 18+.

Winner will be selected through Random.org.

20 thoughts on “Smart Cause: 12 Days of Diapers – Support a Mom in Need! {w/giveaway}

  1. My family donated to Smile Train.
    After bringing home our beautiful baby girl, my husband and I felt compelled to give to this organization so that other children would be able to go through life without the cosmetic stigma of a cleft lip/palate and without the physical complications that accompany that condition.

  2. We also donated to the Denver Rescue Mission.
    We receive their newsletter that highlights the families and individuals who have benefited from the Mission’s services, and we feel good knowing that someone might be able to have a warm place to stay because of our donation, especially during the cold winter months!

  3. donated to a local organization that makes thanksgiving meals for those that are homeless, lonely, etc., and they deliver to those that can’t come to the hall. she was low this year from regular donations, and my company decided to skip our christmas party and give that money to the cause. it is important not to forget those that don’t have the money or ability to celebrate, as they are the ones that need it the most!!

  4. We just donated our Christmas tree to Goodwill. We decided to buy a larger tree and we had such fond memories of our first tree together as a couple that we wanted to give the opportunity to someone else to enjoy the holidays with some Christmas spirit. We regularly donate to Goodwill, our church, and other charities, but this was an especially important one for us. Not sure if this counts toward the drawing, but it was at least nice to be able to share that. 🙂

  5. We always donate extra to Compassion Intl this time of year to give the child we support in Kenya something extra for Christmas. We tithe regularly to our church. They put 10% directly back into needs of the community.

  6. We donated to our local church which went to support Real Choices Crisis Pregnancy Center in Grapevine. We try to make charitable donations more often, but sadly most organizations depend on this time of year to really raise funds. Our kid’s birthday party is a great opportunity to collect canned goods for our local food pantry and she’s now gotten to the point where she’s glad that we do that instead of get more “stuff” for her.

  7. We are very tight on money ourselves, and can’t really even afford to get our kids anything this year. But I did recently donate all of my maternity clothes, as well as all of my daughter’s outgrown baby clothes to our local Birth Right office to help other moms and struggling families. I think it is very important to give back, since what goes around comes around, and I want my kids to grow up to be generous and care about others.

  8. I have a friend who recently had a baby boy. My friend is a great guy and is wife is a total sweetheart but they don’t have much money. I decided to purchase all of their diapers for them after I got the idea to do so from reading the stories on this site and I plan to keep buying them into the future.

  9. In addition to an adopt-a-family gift, we are donating a mega-pack of diapers to this family – done through Salvation Army – for their little one this year. We adopt a family every year, but having two kids of our own, we realize how quickly the cost of disposable diapers adds up!

  10. I donated to our local food bank. I think it’s important to do as at some point in everyone’s life you may need some help too so help others when you can.

  11. Follow me (@SmartyPantsMama) on Twitter and retweet my daily 12 Days of Diapers (#12DaysDiapers) tweets.


  12. I just donated to the Destiny Diaper bank in Cape Coral Florida. I wish I had known about this kind of donation service earlier because I think it’s extremely important to help out with basics and essentials if one is able to. My boys and I have done the Angel Tree at WalMart as well. It’s important for me that they learn that when you are able to help in any capacity for those in need that we should always try to make the greatest effort to do so. That and I want them to understand how blessed they are to have a roof over their head and food in their belly and that life is not about just taking and getting what you want but about sharing and helping those around you and those in need. There’s a good feeling in doing so and I want them to be able to enjoy it as much as I do.

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