Soccer Team, Dance Team Fundraising with Shopping!
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Soccer Team, Dance Team Fundraising with Shopping!


Like to shop? Like to give to organizations in need? How about doing them both simultaneously?Shop Smart Give

I’m thrilled to partner with FlipGive to showcase how easy it is to begin or support a fundraising program by simply shopping! What greater time of the year than now to find ways to connect shopping with giving!

Fundraising for your child’s school, local charity, or sports team? Yes, as parents we find all sorts of reasons to fundraise.

From soccer teams to service organizations, groups are often fundraising for special events, products and trips. We’ve seen the standard selling of the cookies, magazine and rolls of wrapping paper. While we will certainly support no matter what they are selling, the paperwork and upfront spending can be a challenge to manage. 

FlipGive is making it super simple, which is super smart, for groups like your child’s baseball team or your neighbor’s daughter’s dance team to raise money by selling products that relate to them.  Stores/companies are selected that best meet the needs and interest of the group.

Finding ways to raise the money can be a challenge. Will you be shopping –  a lot – these next few weeks? Will your friends? Fellow parents? Fellow parishioners?

Check out Shop Smart Flip Give to see how you can support programs in your community or your interest as you begin to run down your shopping list. Find out how your child’s school, sports team or a local charity could use FlipGive to raise money.  

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Disclosure: I have partnered with FlipGive to support their campaign. My opinions are my own.

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