Name the Vegetable! What did I slice and bake last week?


Continuing our Food Revolution…I have been using all sorts of different fruits and veggies in my cooking.  (Many thanks to my produce club subscription – Annie’s Organic Produce Buying Club.)

Well, this week we received something that I certainly had never heard, seen or tasted before.  What do you think it is?  I’ll let you know that it is a vegetable that I sliced and baked. (Hint: It is not a beet.)

Name the Vegetable!

Person with the best guess gets a big pat on the back – aren’t I generous!?


Congrats to @greenandhealthy of who tweeted the right guess!  The mysterius vegetable is an organic PURPLE POTATO

I used the potato as a replacement for a traditional white potato in a casserole dish.  The taste was richer than a white potato and worked great.  The look, deep purple, was actually amusing to look at.  My husband kept thinking I was making beets!



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