Food Revolution – Playing with Knives!

 Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution has inspired us all, especially in this house.  One battle we took on since the show’s premier is teaching my 3 1/2 year old to use a knife.  Certainly wasn’t as hard as we feared!

If you remember, the elementary school in West Virginia thought Jamie was out of his mind for wanting the kids to use knives during lunch.  At first I was too.  I thought back quickly to the days just post Columbine when school security and safety took on a complete overhaul.  Gone were the days of unlocked doors and any type of anything that could possibly, with any stretch of the imagination, be used as a weapon.  But Jamie had a point.  If we weren’t going to teach them in the elementary years, when on Earth would they learn?

I set Isa’s place setting for dinner with a knife (one of ours – I guess I need to buy her a kid’s one) and her reaction was priceless.  She looked at it and with a tremendous smile asked if she was a mommy now.  No, sweetie, not a mommy yet, but an even bigger girl!  We explained that with mommy or daddy’s help she could learn how to cut her food.  We explained that the knife was ONLY to be used with mommy or daddy, NEVER alone.  We had to take the knife away at one point during dinner because she just couldn’t resist picking it up. 

Well, Jamie Oliver was right!  Why not start teaching children when they’re young to have proper manners and skills to eat at a table?  This is the best time to do it.  My daughter did fantastic and we were so proud.  I challenge you, my wonderful Smart Mamas, go play with knives 😉  Let me know how it goes!



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