What laundry detergent when traveling is best?
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What laundry detergent when traveling is best?

Family Travel Challenge: Stinky! How do I pack laundry detergent when I travel?

Yes, doing laundry during vacation is okay. If you’re traveling for more than 4 days, you’ll likely want/need to do a quick wash for the family. Underwear, socks and sweaty shirts can’t be re-worn.

Many hotels have laundry services available but they are typically quite costly. Others have washer/dryers available for guests to use – just ask. Extended stay accommodations have small laundry machines right in the room. 

Family Travel Tip: Individual laundry packets are pre-portioned and effective!

Our family travel tip  for laundry detergent when traveling is to bring individual packets, such as Gain Flings. These little packets will save room in your luggage and keep your family looking & smelling clean! Plus before a coupon or special discount each packet averages less than a quarter.

Family Travel Tip

Be certain to store the Flings in a plastic re-sealable container when you travel. You don’t want them to get wet until it’s time to toss them in the machine. These detergent packs may be enticing to young children, so it is very important to be responsible and not allow them to touch or play with them.

We are using Gain Flings even when we’re not traveling. The scents – which is so true of Gain in general – are fantastic. Yes, I have become a bit obsessed with taking a whiff of my laundry after I take it out of the dryer. Is that weird? Right now we’re using Gain Mountain Breeze and together with the added OxiBoost that is 2xs stronger of cleaner than traditional Gain, every single item of clothing comes out stain-free and aromatic! Could I be beginning to like doing the laundry? Almost.

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To celebrate the launch of this new product that’s perfect for travel and home, I am providing a 1-year supply (approximately 420 loads) of Gain Flings to one very lucky & smart person! Could it be you? Hope so! 

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Disclosure: Product was provided to sample. All opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “What laundry detergent when traveling is best?

  1. Yes, for 5 days or more, I do laundry when I travel but for shorter trips, i make sure i have enough clothes to wear. 🙂

  2. I like Washeze laundry sheets to travel with. They have the detergent and fabric softener and static guard all in one sheet. I never have to worry about spill or mess in my luggage. Also, they come in a lightly scented version and a no scent. If I have a smaller hand washing to do I just cut the sheet into small squares and it works perfectly and I have no wasted anything either.

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