Creating Gift Collections for Moms
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Creating Gift Collections for Moms


Challenge: I want to tell them what I want for Mother’s Day!

Solution: Create a collection of gifts your want on eBay!

A bouquet of flowers and a big pin saying that I’m the #1 Mom are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts I’ve received. This year I’m making Mother’s Day shopping a bit easier on Tom and the kids…I’ve created an online gift guide! I headed over to eBay and created two gift guides – one for Tom and one for the kids. I certainly think it’s a pretty smart way to let them know exactly what I want and avoid that – oh, um, these orange and brown socks are just what I needed remark.                                        

Gift Guide for My Husband

I spent a bit of time on the Moms on eBay page looking for things that would make my heart swoon. Tom loves to give jewelry and there were plenty of great ideas on the page. Plus, I found a few handbags that I wouldn’t be upset if he got me 😉 What do you think of my collection for Tom?

Gift Guide for My Kids

Although I LOVE their homemade artwork and creative gifts, the collection of gifts to give mom is just perfect. Many of the items I selected are things we can use together. They are always all about my technology stuff, so why not add some more items for them to use as well. What do you think of my collection of gifts for the kids to give me? PS – I still do want them to give me their artwork, too! 


Creating a Mother’s Day Gift Collection

  1. Head over to and go window-shopping for all the wonderful things Dad and the kids could get you!
  2. When you find a product you want to add to a new or existing collection, click ‘add to collection.’ Be sure to include #eBayMom to your collection title – I’ll tell you why later!
  3. Keep going back to the Moms on eBay page and select more and more things!
  4. Let the gift givers know about your collections by clicking any of the share icons on the top right of your collection page!

Win $500 on eBay!

Between now and May 11, 2014 eBay is hosting a great sweepstakes! Each week collection makers (curators) who use #eBayMom in their collection title will be entered to win $500! I bet you could use your winnings to buy yourself something off of a collection you’ve made of things you would love to have!


My blog post was written as part of my collaboration with eBay. All opinions are my own!

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