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Staying & Saving Green when Traveling with Kids & Medicine

Family Travel Challenge: Families run out just before a trip and spend way to much money on stuff like toothpaste, lotion and medicine. 

Family Travel Tip: I purchase medical travel items ahead of time and have them on hand for last-minute family travel. For example, I have 4 boxes of Band-Aids in our medicine cabinet. Yes, J&J had a great coupon last year and I stocked up! This family travel tip respects both Mother Earth (less waste & gas used going several times to the shops) and your wallet (prepared purchases with coupons.) I keep a plastic baggie with a dozen or so Band-Aids in the medicine closet/cabinet to grab & go for our next trip.

Read below to learn more details on what and how to purchase medical items for family travel.  

Family Travel TipsAs we hit the road or airways on our next family vacation, our luggage needs to be properly stocked in some healthy essentials for the familia! We need to be prepared for the bumps, bruises and everything in between that might appear in the midst of a family outing! But, we don’t need to buy everything, for every trip. There is no sense is wasting the gas and paying full price for each trip. Celebrate Earth Day throughout the year by making mindful purchases. 

There are 5 items I stock up on and pack on family travel trips:

  1. Band-Aids – From blisters to paper cuts, we have tiny little cuts to deal with. A Band-Aid makes it all better. I often grab a pen a draw a little smiley face or flower on the Band-Aid if the little patient is in need of a little extra love.
  2. Anti-bacterial cream – A dab of this and chances of an infection growing go down, big time.
  3. Benadryl (for the kids) – You never know when an allergy may appear. I suggest giving your kids a bit of Benadryl before you need to, to see how they react. Some kids get knocked-out while others get wired from it. Better know before you give your child a dose at 11 PM if it’s going to help or prohibit him from falling asleep.
  4. Lotion – Our family has sensitive skin – well, at least 2 of 4 of us do. I keep Aveeno Anti-Itch lotion in our luggage. For smaller trips, I use the sample sizes I’ve received or put some in a reusable plastic container. It’s been a bit of a lifesaver.
  5. Motrin – From headaches to PMS and everything in between, Mom & Dad need some relief too! We have a HUGE container that we “portion” out for each trip.

Johnson & Johnson has included great information for moms looking to learn more about the products available for their family. You’ll notice quite a bit of products that you might want to have packed for your family travels. Click here to get more product information and COUPONS to many of the products I listed above and more! 

This post is part of the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® 2014 program by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. and The Motherhood, who sent me a box of products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences and photos shared here are all my own, and I hope you enjoy them.







2 thoughts on “Staying & Saving Green when Traveling with Kids & Medicine

  1. Good article. Also good to ask your pediatrician in advance for the correct dose of Benadryl for children under 6, as it says to ask a doctor on the bottle. Before kids, we did portion out adult Tylenol but I think with little kids around it is safer to keep things in their original child-safe bottles.

  2. This is definitely a great share and I’m glad I read this. Next month would be my first time to bring my kids in a family vacation and I must say that I’m excited but a bit nervous. I know how these kids would react if there are things that may happen when traveling but I wasn’t able to think about bringing in medicines too just in case they need it. Thanks for sharing this, I think now I’m ready for next month’s trip in Florida.

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