Iron Fork Miami Date Night – #Priceless #Miami #MC

Iron Fork Miami

CBiasMCIron Fork Miami is our date night locale and we’re thrilled and hungry for this priceless Miami event! 

On Thursday, August 1 we’re going out! We’re heading to the Adrienne Arsht Center in Downtown Miami for a delicious night at Iron Fork Miami – an over 3000 person event for South Florida food lovers!

MasterCard continues to offer a phenomenal 20% discount to its cardholders when buying their ticket through a Priceless Miami promotion.  Yes, they have extended this special discount I had earlier shared through the end of July! Have you bought your ticket? Make it a date night, like us!

Iron Fork Miami

What is Iron Fork Miami?

Think Iron Chef, but Miami-style! The Adrienne Arsht Center will open its doors to two notable chefs wanting to strut their stuff. Chefs Jamie DeRosa from Tongue & Cheek and Georgio Rapicavoli from Eating House will go head to head competing for the coveted Iron Fork Award! Can’t wait to see what’s the secret ingredient!

Before the competition heats up, guests will be able to sample items from 36 of Miami’s best dining spots.  Foodies will love the items from restaurants like A Fish Called Avalon and one of our favorites, Anacapri. I can’t wait to try something from The Oceanaire Seafood Room – a restaurant we’ve wanted to try! 

A general admission ticket (just $32 with the MasterCard discount) provides access to all the samplings and the competition! Beer and wine are extra.

Buying Tickets to Iron Fork Miami

If you’re a MasterCard holder, (who isn’t these days?) visit MasterCard’s Priceless Miami site to learn the current promotional code offered to its cardholders to receive the 20% discount.

Let me know if I’ll see you there! It’s going to be a great night!




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