Happy Mother’s Day – From Smarty Pants Daddy!

Well, I am married to the wonderful woman, Caroline, who writes this blog.  She was gracious enough to let me write a post.  (I’ve never written anything like this before, I’m a bit nervous.)  So without further ado, Smarty Pants Dad’s first post!?!

Do you ever tell your wife how awesome she is for looking after the children, keeping up the house, cooking, shopping, and doing the 50 million other things she needs to do to make sure the home doesn’t fall apart?  Well, I can honestly say I don’t tell her enough, but I’m working on it.  SO SMARTYPANTSMAMA THANK YOU and YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

This post is a salute to all of the mom’s out there! Thank you for doing all of the things you do to make dads and kids have a happy home.  I feel like most of us dads take this for granted and don’t step back and think about how hard you work to make us happy.  It was time (for me at least) to tell my lovely wife.  So Caroline, stand up and be recognized! You are the hardest worker I know and our little princess is the beneficiary of all of your hard work.  It’s so easy to see how well you do your job,  Look at how successful Isa is at everything she tries to do. I know, I know she’s 3 but still, Isa isn’t afraid to try new things, always wants to learn, enjoys school time, God there are too many things to mention.

In an effort to not write a million words here, I will end this very simply:


I Love You

You are My Hero

Love Always,


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One thought on “Happy Mother’s Day – From Smarty Pants Daddy!

  1. What a wonderful first post from Smarty Pants Dad! I have to say that Caroline is indeed fabulous but I can certainly saw how Isa has benefitted from your strong relationship during my recent visit.

    Looking forward to your second post!

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